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HK Audio LUCAS Nano 305FX PA System 1007592


LUCAS Nano 305FX PA System

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The LUCAS Nano series is the only stereo PA that can be carried with one hand – and this unit is just 10.3 kg. The 305FX has five inputs, five-channel mixer, Bluetooth Audio Streaming, on-board reverb effects, 2-band EQ for ch. 1-3, an MP3 playback party system, and up to 750w power at 120 dB max. SPL. This is the ideal companion for many uses, whether its a simple MP3 connecton via Bluetooth, a microphone, a guitar, or a keyboard, its ready to go. You can also use the Nano 305FX for small acoustic concerts, at parties as a PA, karaoke, BBQ’s with friends, Zumba courses at the gym, or for background music and announcements at small events.



There is an inbuilt active 8″ Celestion subwoofer, and 2 satellites with 3.5″ broadband woofers. It also has Anti-Resonance Bracing technology providing thumping low-end, which is expertly controlled in any environment. This can be used in conjunction with any other 300 Series LUCAS Nano, to extend into a more powerful Twin Stereo System.







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