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HK Audio LUCAS Nano 605FX PA Loudspeaker 1007600


LUCAS Nano 605FX PA Loudspeaker

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The LUCAS Nano series is the only stereo PA that can be carried with one hand – and with the 605FX’s additional components, the series is elevated to even greater heights. The 605FX brings five inputs, Bluetooth Audio Streaming, on-board reverb effects, 2-band EQ, an MP3 playback party system, and up to 1500w power for audiences of up to 120. This piece of kit is ideal for your band setup, your DJ events, or any occasion that wants a uniquely powerful sonic experience with a straightforward setup.



There is an inbuilt active 10″ Celestion speaker in the low-resonance bass reflex subwoofer, which is also met with Anti-Resonance Bracing technology. This provides thumping low-end, which is expertly controlled in any environment. This can be used in conjunction with any other 600 Series LUCAS Nano, to extend into a more powerful Twin Stereo System.







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