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JTS Gooseneck Microphone, 303mm, Supercardioid terminated with male XLR plug 81500


Gooseneck Microphone, 303mm, Supercardioid terminated with male XLR plug

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Professional quality 6″ gooseneck Supercardioid presenting microphone

The JTS GM-5206 gooseneck microphone provides unheard of audio quality at the price point. Couple this with legendary reliability and it is the perfect installation solution.

Terminated with an integrated 3 pin male XLR connector it allows easy installation into a metal switch base or a shock-mount connection plate.

At 303mm in length, this is gives a very discrete option for lectern installation.

The Supercardioid pattern assures excellent pickup from the front whilst giving excellent rejection from the rear to reduce feedback issues.



Definitive polar pattern allows for demanding sound pickup applications.
The small diameter gooseneck design permits flexible position.
High sensitivity allows for quality sound pick-up under difficult conditions.
Equipped with XLR connector for GM-5206/GM-5212/GM-5212L/GM-5218/GM-5218L/GM-5225/GM-5225L and extension cable for GM-5212C
Foam Windscreen provided for shielding against wind noise and ” popping”



Frequency response: 80Hz – 18kHz
Length: 303mm
Output Connector: 3 pin Male XLR
Microphone Type: Back Electret Condenser
Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
Impedance: 220Ω
Sensitivity (at 1kHz): -60dB(1mV)
Max. SPL for 1% THD: 125dB





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