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LiteConsole XPRSlite – DJ Console Stand LC0209

XPRSlite – DJ Console Stand

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The LiteConsole XPRSlite is an exceptionally smart piece of kit, not only does it have the sleek, stylish design and build quality of the original LiteConsole XPRS, but it has been streamlined for those wanting an even quicker set up time and for those who don’t require so many shelves. Incorporating the same semi-transparent side and front panels and aluminium front top plate as its big brother, the XPRSlite comes with one large main shelf to set your equipment on complete with cable pockets to run and hide your cables.

The efficient design of the LiteConsole XPRSlite doesn’t compromise on space. The main shelf can fit bags of DJ equipment and is perfect for live sound engineers too as there is even enough space for a professional live sound mixer or professional lighting desk! Not forgetting floor standing space for flight cases or rack mounted effects that can be hidden from view inside the LiteConsole. This is a one for all, all for one professional performance platform.

The LiteConsole XPRSlite is suitable for all performance situations whether you are a DJ or musician looking for ultimate stage presence or any corporate events, AV presentations, exhibitions or conferences that need a professional presentation platform. Worried about transporting your new LiteConsole XPRSlite? Don’t be. Each design comfortably converts to flat pack size so you can just pop it into your car and you’re away! For those wanting extra support and durability whilst on the road, the LiteConsole UDG bag is the perfect option for transporting your Liteconsole.



• What’s in the box?
• 1x XPRSlite Folding Frame
• 1x Main Shelf
• 1x Aluminium Front Plate
• 1x Kick Plate
• 1x Perspex Front Panel
• 2x Perspex Side Panels
• 1x Cross Brace Pole



• Dimensions (unfolded):
• Width approx. 133cm Height approx. 115cm
• Depth at top approx. 95cm
• Depth at base. 66cm

• Dimensions (folded):
• Depth approx. 16cm
• Width at top approx. 90cm
• Width at bottom approx. 66cm




Please allow about 5-15 business days for delivery within the UK subject to stock.



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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 1330 × 1150 × 950 cm