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Pub-Prop Pub Prop Instrument Holder – Guitar / Uke / Violin / Mandolin etc PUBPROP


Pub Prop Instrument Holder – Guitar / Uke / Violin / Mandolin etc

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The ‘Pub Prop’ Guitar Holder
for Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Uke, Fiddle etc.

The safe way to prop up your guitar, banjo, octave mandola, bouzouki, cittern etc. In the pub session, studio or at home.

This handy gadget allows you to support your instruments against a table to enable you to relax in the surroundings. Fits most guitars, a heel protector is included as the base of the guitar will rest on the floor while the neck is supported.

Rubber attachments are supplied with the ‘Pub Prop’ to reduce the internal neck holding area to suit ukulele or fiddle, a bow holding cut out is also integral with the ‘Pub Prop’. Some lighter mandolins, fiddles and ukes will hang from the ‘Pub Prop’. Clamps to most tables up to 50.80mm (2″) thick. Folds away into a convenient carry case that is also supplied.



• This is a ‘Prop’ stand, it is not designed for hanging heavy instruments.
• The base of the instrument needs to be able to rest on the floor.
• Light instruments for example fiddle/uke can be hung on this stand.



• Ideal if not essential for pub sessions





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Weight .11 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 2 cm