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Suzuki W16 Winner – Tremolo Harmonica W16


W16 Winner – Tremolo Harmonica

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Tremolo harmonicas are a type of harmonica, distinct by having two reeds per note. In a tremolo harmonica the two reeds are tuned slightly off a reference pitch, one a bit sharp and the other a bit flat. This gives a unique wavering or warbling sound created by the two reeds being not exactly in tune with each other and difference in their subsequent waveforms acting against one another.

All of the Winner series harps come in the Key of C.

This is a high quality performance harmonica for beginners.



• Cover Plates: Stainless Steel
• Body: ABS resin
• Reed plates: Brass
• Case: Tough cardboard carrying case



• Key: C Major
• 16 Holes
• 13cm long



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Winner 24

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Weight .12 kg
Dimensions 13 × 2.8 × 1.9 cm