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Yamaha TF3 40 – Mono+2 Stereo+2 Return 25 Fader Digital Console YAMTF3

TF3 40 – Mono+2 Stereo+2 Return 25 Fader Digital Console

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Yamaha TF3 40 Mono+2 Stereo+2 Return 25 Fader Digital Console

The TF3 offers ample input capacity and hands-on control in a compact console that can handle a wide range of applications.

TF series consoles take live sound reinforcement to a new level of refinement with TouchFlow Operation™, recallable D-PRE™ preamplifiers, advanced processing, and much more.

Yamaha has created a new digital mixing console that gives the user’s intuition even freer rein. TouchFlow Operation™ introduced in the TF series consoles allows the user to respond to the music and artists on stage with unprecedented speed and freedom, taking live sound reinforcement to a new level of refinement. With the TouchFlow Operation interface optimized for touch panel control, experienced engineers as well as newcomers to the field will find it easier than ever to achieve the ideal mix. Recallable D-PRE™ preamplifiers support sound quality that will satisfy the most discerning professional ears, while advanced live recording features and seamless operation with high-performance I/O racks give these compact digital mixers capabilities that make them outstanding choices for a wide range of applications. Experience the intuitive control and creative freedom that a truly evolved digital console can provide.



• TouchFlow Operation™ – Smooth, Natural Control Flow
• Intuitive User Interface Optimized for Touch Panel Operation
• Touch Operation for Intimate Control
• Touch & Turn Knob Offers Extra Control Precision
• Traditional Overview and Selected Channel Interfaces
• New Features for Smooth Setup and Operation
• Design for Superior Visibility and Quick Operation
• Panel Layout Maximizes Workflow Efficiency
• Advanced Design Promotes Smooth, Comfortable Operation
• Applications that Work Seamlessly with the Console
• A Versatile Live Recording and Playback Solution for Any Application



• 25 motor faders (24 channels + 1 master)
• 48 input mixing channels (40 mono + 2 stereo + 2 return)
• 20 Aux (8 mono + 6 stereo) + Stereo + Sub buses
• 8 DCA groups with Roll-out
• 24 analog XLR/TRS combo mic/line inputs + 2 analog RCA pin stereo line inputs
• 16 analog XLR outputs
• 34 x 34 digital record/playback channels via USB 2.0 + 2 x 2 via a USB storage device
• 1 expansion slot for NY64-D audio interface card





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